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30 Day Man City Challenge

30 Day Man City Challenge

Man City Xtra featuring Manchester City FC – Quarantine Calandar.

Day 1. Your earliest CITY memory.
This would be Man City losing 2-1 to Chelsea, what would be the first game I’ve seen in the pub with 2 aussie pals. Chelsea scoring first, Man City equalising through Aguero, and Torres killing it one vs one with Joe Hart at the end of the match. Later on it would have become the iconic date, when I started supporting Manchester City football club. 23.10.2013.

Day 2. Your First Man City Heartbreak.
It would be something pre-historic. I remember Man City losing to Wigan in the FA Cup final on the 11th of May 2013. I was not an official Man City fan in those days, but that seemed to me abnormal. I could not believe it, it was a big thing in the news, everyone would be talking about it, most of them would be laughing. So this could be my first pre-historic Man City memory, also being very unpleasant to remember even for a non-Man City fan.

Day 3. All-Time Favourite Man City Player.
For a city fan, who has not witnessed Aguerooo-thing, it should have been Vincent Kompany, who did basically the same against Leiceter in 2019. But among such titans like Negredo, Toure, Silva and rising heroes like Bernardo, Ederson and Sane I must choose KEVIN DE BRUYNE.

Day 4. Favourite Man City Player As A Kid.
This does not apply to me, but I will mention ALVARO NEGREDO, because my first Man City jersey was with his name and number, although he left the club in the season when I started supoorting the team. Or maybe next season…

Day 5. All-Time Favourite Man City Goal.
Without a doubt, it’s the one which has been entitled “Where do you want your statue, Vincent Kompany!?” by Man Utd legend Gary Neville. 06.05.2019. Vincent Kompany against Leicester City at King Power Stadium.

Day 6. A Man City Game You Remember For An Unusual Reason.
This is a game played in Russia. Champions League Group Stage, CSKA Vs Man City, 2:2. It was an earlier kick-off, Man City were leading 2-0 at half time, and gave away the lead in the second half. In fact, I remember most games for a reason. This one is remembered for team’s naivity and relaxed attitude to the opponents.

Day 7. The Best Player You’ve Seen At The Etihad Live.
TBC. Shockingly to any club’s fanbase, but I haven’t wathced my favourite football team live at any stadium. Although I’ve attended my favourite music band’s concert at the Etihad Stadium, home to my favourite football team.

Day 8. The Best Save From A Man City Keeper.
I would not remember all the fantastic saves by Ederson or Bravo’s penalty shootouts’ salvations, but I clearly remember Hart’s penalty save against Barcelona, when Messi missed the penalty and did not score in the open goal after the miss. I remember calling it “save for a reason”. But Man City still failed to qualify for the next round of Champions League in that year.

Day 9. One Man City Player You’d Want To Be Best Mates With.
Surely, it’s Benjamin Mendy. Everybody wants to be best mates with Agent Mendy. He’s hillarious!

Day 10. The Best Ever Man City Signing.
Many people would reply here with Sergio Aguero. Athough for me Aguero is on the legendary level. Thus I will say it’s Aymeric Laporte. It proved to be great signing from the first minute of play. And missing him because of injuries cost Man City a lot. The impact of that signing on the team is huge!

Day 11. One Man City Player You’d Want To Interview In Person.
Ilkay Gundogan. He seems to me more than a player. I think he can talk on various topics, and he’s English is very good as well. He’s also the first signing of Guardiola Era.

Day 12. The Man City Player With The Worst Fashion Sense.
Martin Demichelis. His long hair would ruin his whole image regardless of his dress choice. Honestly, I hope he’s trimmed it by now.

Day 13. One Man City Player You’d Want To Go On A Night Out.
Oleksandr Zinchenko. Although it would not be easy for him to escape now, because he is getting married or already got married. The reason for my choice is that we both speak Russian and we would possibly have common traditions for going out both coming from Eastern Europe.

Day 14. One Man City Player You’d Want A Game Of FIFA With.
Leroy Sane. I am not a gamer, last time I played FIFA would be on my PS3 Slim ages ago.

Day 15. The Man City Goal You Celebrated The Most.
Ogh, this one is very painful. This would be Sterling’s VAR ruled out goal against Tottenham in Champons League semi-fninal. I was celebrating so hard that I nearly broke my both wrists – I was slamming with them against the table. And once the goal was disallowed, I nearly drowned in pain.

Day 16. The Worst Ever Man City Signing.
Eliaquim Mangala. Back in the day 18ml for a defender was huge money. And he turned into a fail after an own goal against Hull, although City won 4-2 in Hull. Since then I do not remember any positive vibe around his personality. Even now after 3 seasons with Guardiola he’s still a Man City player, although I can only remember him under Pellegrini.

Day 17. One Man City Player You’d Least Like To Fight.
Well, anyone really. Especially Kolarov. But the least is Yaya Toure!

Day 18. The Best Manchester Derby Moment.
The first Guardiola Derby, when Man City won 2-1, Ibrahimovic scored the only goal for Utd. Before the derby Zlatan would mock Claudio by sending him his merch t-shirt. Zlatan being Zlatan, City being City…

Day 19. The Worst Man City Defeat.
Wow, that’s not easy. I do not wanna remember all demoliton to Man City brand caused by Liverpool. But 4-0 loss to Everton, when we need not to lose and the result came from nowhere, was not neccessary!

Day 20. One Man City Game You Wish You’d Been At.
Aguerooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! The final moment is just unbelievable, although I can’t imagine living through the 2-1 down score line and being rpesent at the stadium. Pure agony.

Day 21. One Man City Player That Exceeded Your Expectations.
David Silva. He’s never been enough glorified during his 10 years. Only in his probably last season he’s getting some proper appreciation. And at the same time he’s not being currupted by the hype. A modest guy who’s become on of the City legends. Well played!

Day 22. One Man City Player You’d Want As Your Wingman.
Kyle Walker, if I got the question right.

Day 23. The Best Away Day In The League.
Schalke 2 – Man City 3. 2-0 down with a red card, and Sane scoring those stunners against his ex-club. Sheer joy!

Day 24. Your Man City Superstition.
This is really hard. Every game is so unpredictable, regardless of location. Maybe, John Stones + Nicolas Otamendi means no clean sheet.

Day 25. One Man City You Wish Had Stayed Longer.
Deffinitely Alvaro Negredo. I do not remember what was the main reason he was offloaded – his injury or weather in Manchester. We’ve had 3 players – Navas, Nolito and Negredo – who would only feel comfortable in Seville climate conditions.

Day 26. One Man City Player You’d Trust With Your Newborn.
Kevin De Bruyne. Future Captain!

Day 27. One Man City Player You’d Want On Your Team On The Chase
James Milner. Actually, I only started to appreciate him more, when he left for Liverpool. He wanted regular football, and once he got it, he was brilliant. He is also a funny guy.

Day 28. Your Favourite Opposition Fans.
I don’t know really. I suppose it could be any smaller club fans who would appreciate the style and level of football their club had to play against. Maybe, Bournemouth…

Day 29. One Goal You’d Erase From History.
Mo Salah’s goal in 4-3 defeat at Anfield. Ederson’s throw or clearance came directly into teh Egyptian and he smacked the ball towards the goal which has become a screamer. Don’t want to see that happen again!

Day 30. Most Underrrated City Player Ever.
That’s a tough one. I would say Iheanacho. The manager’s departure really affected his whole career. Under Pellegrini he was doing right steps forward his progress. I can clearly remember watching the game against Crystal Palace at home, nearly falling asleep because it was 0-0 till Kelechi came on as a sub and on the last minute scored a goal. Obviously, Pep had his own vision, and bringing Jesus meant there would be no place for Kel.

Thank you Man City Xtra for the calendar and the challenge. Photo credit goes to Man City Extra On Twitter.

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