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Aphex Twin New Album Syro Is Wrong

Aphex Twin New Album Syro Is Wrong

Why is everyone so excited about APHEX TWIN new album SYRO?! That was my question, when the news regarding Richard D James new material in 13 years emerged online. It all started with a nice promo marketing campaign, which is completely tolerated by me. But when I think about such things as comeback or reunion in show business, I know it is mainly about the cash. And electronic music scene is not an exception! If you sell some stuff under your name for a real fortune, like APHEX TWIN did on KICKSTARTER crowd funding platform, then someone would definitely invest in you. You are being monetised and the cash is being rolled over. It works like wine business: you produce wine, put it away for some years and then bring it to the table. Aphex Twin pattern has worked exactly the same: he emerged to the electronic music scene in the 20th century with his own Brain Dance music genre, had a couple of successful releases and disappeared in the beginning of the 21st century. All trends tend to change, so does music fashion. And probably today is the best time for APHEX TWIN new album. But still why is everyone so excited about it?!

Excitement comes from the absence of quality of modern culture and excess of nostalgia. Today we have tens of APHEX TWIN clones at electronic music arena, but none of them will be the first like APHEX TWIN remains to be. Another problem of APHEX TWIN clones is that they don’t seem to create something new – they just attempt to reproduce. Thus the sticker suggest the product is brand-new, but it only appears to be recycled. That is why I completely forgive APHEX TWIN for coming back even if it is for big cash only.

So here I need to raise my question again: “Why is everybody so crazy about AFX new album?!” Those who are already celebrating the return of Mr D James should have pre-ordered SYRO. In other words SYRO virtual possessors have pronounced themselves as APHEX TWIN sponsors. It is the common trend in consumer society – buy everything which is said to be new even if it tastes recycled. In this situation the new album doesn’t even have to be good. I would also suggest that it is gonna sound like second hand crap. CAUSTIC WINDOW LP (APHEX TWIN lost album, which was released earlier this year to boom the brand and check the popularity of the artist) sounded exactly like it was composed in the 1990s. But today you can stylize everything the way you want it to look or sound like. So I believe that APHEX TWIN won’t release or produce anything new for the real sound gourmets. SYRO is going to be another example of successful marketing campaign set for electronic music scene and contemporary consumers.

P.S. Another flop of 2014 is going SBTRKT “Wonder Where We Land” follow up to his debut self-titled album. But it is completely different story…

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