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August Top 11

August Top 11

Вот лето пролетело, всё осталось позади, но мы-то знаем, лучшее, конечно впереди. А между тем у меня в одной папке собралось 11 кусков, которые неким образом подводят итог лета 2012 и задают тренд на новый учебный сезон.

11. Proxy – Audio 15 (27.08.2012)

Russian Techno/Electro healer gives away first technoburger from his delayed debut album Music from Eastblock Jungles, out this Autumn via TURBO Recordings.

10. Glimpse & Martin Dawson – Fat Controller (Roman Flugel Remix) (23.07.2012)

Baby, I’m Your Fat Controller! #veggie

09. Jon Convex – Desolation (13.08.2012)

Half of slit up duo Instra:Mental, Jon Convex delivers a high vibe solo stuff which can be found on his first album Idoru via his own label CONVEX INDUSTRIES.

08. Footprintz – Dangers Of The Mouth (TIGA’s Decade Shift Mix) (13.08.2012)

Mr’s Hollywood report on the decay of Electroclash decade. Nice vocals with fancy synths and disco rhythm.

07. Culprate – Hall Of Mirrors (20.08.2012)

Today it has become so easy to lose your path on the dubstep way. So be careful when passing through the HALL OF MIRRORS. No perdostep!!!

06. Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound (13.08.2012)

It’s not that kind of drum’n’bass which is so popular in Holland, but it’s the comeback of two genre’s mammoths and it sounds fresh and simple! Respect to Calyx & his mate, it’s time to elevate the sound of RAM RECORDS!!

05. VCMG – Aftermaths (Gesaffelstein Remix) (20.08.2012)

Vince Clark of Erasure and ex.DM plus Martin L. Gore of DM only previewed the 3rd part of EP series from their techno collaboration Ssss. Check the addtional mixing and production on Aftermaths from french electro hooligan GESAFFELSTEIN!

04. Future Signal – Blood Bath (21.08.2012)

Don’t take a shower – take the bath of blood! Absolute killer! True

03. Biome & Demon – Symmetry (06.08.2012)

Pure bass tune. What else is needed?

02. Blue Daisy & Unknown Shapes – Insomniac Love (06.08.2012)

Don’t fall asleep, fall in love instead!

01. Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments (20.08.2012)

Baby, in our wildest moments

We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest

Baby in our wildest moments

We could be the worst of all

Debut album Devotion’s deluxe edition out on 20/08/2012 via ISLAND Records

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