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Becoming Bear Again

Becoming Bear Again

I’m becoming bear. Again. Season two, whatever you call it. I’m feeling like a huge beast inside the small cave. No light, no air, no space. I need candles instead of bulbs, because I lack light and heat. Some matchsticks would do as well. Sleep is not a salvation, dreaming leads to delusion. I don’t feel like I was a bear in my previous life, but I don’t want to be a bear in the next one. Bears don’t hares, but I do. So who am I becoming then? Right, I don’t turn into – I’m only becoming bear.

DO I LOOK LIKE I LOOK NOW? Shaving, grooming, styling, caring – these are not habits of the bear. The absence of such habits can help a man to become a bear. But the process of becoming bear is more seasonal than permanent and more based on feelings and emotions produced by seasonal cataclysms. Usually it’s the inner state of human being that can be described or related to the notion of becoming bear. But still you can look like a bear. So when you start feeling like you’re becoming bear, it’s time to prevent the bear-like appearance. Time to visit bathroom or grooming courses.

To become a bear I need something more than bad weather, low iron level in blood, negative balance, favourite soccer team that is constantly losing. I mean all these things will not turn me into a bear. That’s why I’m only becoming bear. Becoming bear saves me from illnesses and other discomfort which are widely spread in Autumn and Winter. You will not notice how I’m becoming bear. I will look like a bloke who never smiles, never is bored, always cares and celebrates human justice among lambs of God. Bears never come to the city. I also prefer to stay in the village. Modern Villager is becoming bear…