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Countdown Spectacular

Countdown Spectacular

Just a few things to explain. SKREALAND’s got a new background to celebrate the beginning of a festive season and to start the countdown. Yesterday was 11/11/11 and it has been eight months since SKREALAND was launched. Today is another magic date – 12/12/11, which is one year behind of probably last magic date on Earth, because the end of days is predicted on the 21/12/12. So, in order to not to be confused with these dates and digits, let’s just have a fantastic holiday season and recall some precious moments and glorious events of the year 2011, which is the starting year for SKREALAND.

While remembering what was good and what was sad in 2011, SKREALAND will be delivering some kind of tops and reviews of what was special about 2011. It will not necessarily be always like that but some critical observations will be definitely provided for SKREALAND visitors. We clearly understand that in festive season it is very hard to find some spare time and spend it on things which are important for you in this moment of time. But we still hope that there will be some time in your timetable to follow SKREALAND and its spectacular countdown.

Even now when the countdown is announced it is not 100% clear for us how it is going to look like and to happen. Anyways, we will be trying our best and hiding our worst. All we now is that it has to be holiday-like and interesting. Don’t turn off SKREALAND before Christmas time and don’t forget about it after New Year.