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Escaping Underworld

Escaping Underworld

I have discovered myself in the buried place. I have been running back standing at one and the same place. All the roads have led to the awesome gutter. I have got dirty grease on my sandwich instead of cheese and butter. To ruin does not mean to destroy at all. Once you have achieved something and have started putting it to waste, you fail and fall. Yeah, failing is easy. It keeps everything looking busy. Coming back to the start is not equal to zero level. Wandering soul always tends to travel. Not all the lines produce common poetry. At least I am not trying to describe my own geometry.

I have got presents for my friends on Christmas. But I don’t have money for postage. And I am still not sure whether I have friends or not. I would like to send those presents, but I cannot understand the connection between friendship and presents. I will not receive any present on this Christmas and New Year because I have decided so! I have never got a lot of them, but this time I will receive non. Simply I have not deserved. Gifts have been my greatest passion since childhood when I also did not have a lot of presents. But this year which appeared to be the biggest failure so far I am not fancying any surprises!!!

I look at myself. I do not want to look at myself. Half of me in the mirror could be enough. At least I spit with tooth paste and water instead of blood and dirt. I need to re-recognize myself next year. Snakes are crawling, dragons are getting tired. Relaunch your spaceship! Make your life look living not dying. Switch everything. The good is the enemy of the best. Dreaming is dangerous. Change your attitude!