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About a year ago I had an opportunity to sit in the garden and to play some dance music to people who seemed to care only about good weather, nice food and outdoor fun. It was a random garden party somewhere in the middle of Cambridge. Or maybe it was someone’s birthday. By all means it was a fantastic occasion to come around and party together. Just because it was not my party I had to select my tunes carefully. Thus I focused mainly on house music vibes with some bits of techno and pop. I don’t really remember how long I was playing but I definitely had to stop when my laptop’s battery went flat.

After I played the music which was meant not only for me and enjoyed by the audience, I decided to recall that set and put the puzzle bits in one mix called GARDEN PARTY PUNCH. The title suggests that this music can be safely played in the garden when partying or having a family BBQ with drinks being openly welcome. One of the key featured tracks is by KLAXONS and is called “There is no other time” which explains everything – there is no other time for party but now, in the garden and on the weekend! The poppiest song is by Secondcity, “I wanna feel”. You can also come across Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, Duke Dumont and Kylie Minogue on this mix, but be ready to dance all set long to groovy sounds from such acts like FCL, Dusky, MK, Basement Jaxx and Audion.

There would be moments during the mix like it is not a proper set but megamix instead. So try not to feel like it’s Modern Talking medley. Sometimes the stuff that is being mixed is more important than the way it is being mix. That is why I am not a DJ, but only content selector. Just enjoy the garden party and dance to the house music! You never know when you get your next invitation to such event, but the mix is successfully uploaded to my mixing gallery. So everytime you are having a day or two off and there’s no proper party going on around in your area, just tune in to RETROBOI‘s GARDEN PARTY PUNCH below.

Bear in mind that additional mixing and mastering was accomplished in London!

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