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How are The Conservatives controlling immigration?

How are The Conservatives controlling immigration?

Facebook has just suggested me a post, which is inviting to take in a tiny survey about how the conservatives are controlling immigration in UK. It is hard not take a small part in something that you care about, but it is harder to stay objective while answering to Conservative Party about immigration control and sitting in immigrant’s chair. If you visit website CONTROLLING IMMIGRATION, you will see that positive answers to the questions asked do not add any comfort to my immigrant’s chair. But that is okay by me, because I am not an immigrant – I am a foreigner, who has strongly agreed to most of the key points of the Conservative Party controlling immigration campaign!!!

While Labour Party with its non-British leader is trying to convert United Kingdom into a slave factory and Lib-Dems are sneaking votes by promising to authorise drug possession, the Conservatives seem still to shine sky-blue. Although their focus is slightly diverted. Have the conservatives themselves tried to answer the questions from that survey? Or are those questions addressed only to native citizens, who are mainly remaining locked in care homes?! You don’t have to be racist to realize that UK has become so multi-national that immigration should be controlled from both coasts!

So do the Conservatives themselves agree with controlling immigration so that GB economy and local services for hard-working taxpayers??? The answer is NO, because there are not many hardworkers among GB native citizens, that is why the country had to welcome cheap labour from abroad and failed to control it. While migrants were coming and doing clumsy jobs, locals were scheming on benefits and other allowances. Thus labour flood has transgressed more than one generation of Britons, who used to happily work and live in UK but now hardly recognize it. But I as a foreigner want to control immigration to the reasonable level, so that economy and local services deliver not only to the red passport holders, but also to those who would give it back to the country like I do.

Today it seems that the Conservatives have caught the people’s scream about the common use of benefit system, which obviously was designed for the apparently the then Britain. I agree with the policy of clamping down the benefits and other free services for everyone without exception!!! There should be no difference who is allowed or who is being clamped down from using so called free NHS or public transport!!!

Many immigrants would not believe someone who would try to tell them that there is something illegal in the UK, especially colleges. So there would be no argue about the shutting down of the bogus ones.

Obviously, there can’t be a lot of debates about sending scumbags back to where they belong, who originally came to Great Britain in order to corrupt the country. As a bonus, the Conservatives could initiate the practice of sending home grown criminals on loan abroad.

And finally, the Conservatives are showing their true face by insisting immigrants should speak better English. I would not strongly agree with that because in British society there are no standards for better English, where language is used on TV and people talk dialects or slang.

Basically, all these questions can’t be answered with a, b, c or d. With this survey the Conservatives are trying to change the feed in the everyday party routine and start focusing on 2015 elections. But they can’t win it with the same programme as in 2010. The main problem of the Conservatives is that they have forgotten their own essence. They are being joined by the Lib-Dems in the government, misled by the USA globally, rivalled by the Labour in politics and probably cursed by Thatcher in the underworld. The Conservatives need to shine differently in 2015, but with the same colours. Good luck with that, Mr Cameron!!

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