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love HURTS

love HURTS

It hurts to say

That I leave today

On this rainy day

I wish I could stay

But the news is bad

I’ve found my love dead

Lying breathless underneath our bed

What else can be said?

I know you love HURTS

You know I hate your flirts

All my dirty socks and battered shirts

Would like to meet some other skirts

If you don’t stop

Then I won’t get off

I will simply drop

And bury our love

First we fall in love

Then we fall in dirt

And when it’s not enough

We just fall apart

When the birds don’t sing

When the ship starts to sink

When the feather needs ink

Redneck begins to think

But I’ve been thinking too much

Instead of fixing love’s clutch

Now looking at your clothes patch

I realize I won’t find love as such

But now is the time to go

When I can’t act slow

Just wanna let you know

Some things need time to grow

Common words in simple rhymes are inspired by Manchester synth-pop duo HURTS, whose deluxe edition of debut album HAPPINESS is still out now.