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Modern Milk

Modern Milk

Modern Milk thinks differently TM. With natural flavours and no added colours. Made from low fat fresh milk. Enriched with calcium, vitamin D and fibre.

Thinks differently about drinking milk. We know you love milk on cereals or to put the froth on a latte and now here’s a modern and great tasting way to introduce more milk into your daily routine. Quite simply, Modern Milk is the new deliciously sophisticated milk for today’s busy people and it comes in a range of grown up, subtle flavours.

Thinks differently about snacking. Naturally filling, milk is an ideal snack. Next time you’re feeling hungry why not try a Modern Milk to fill that hunger gap?

Thinks differently about goodness. We’ve got our cows on the case! They graze Ireland’s emerald green fields to generously provide the very best milk for blending with natural flavours and bottling into sheer healthy deliciousness. Modern Milk is brimming with the intrinsic natural goodness of low fat fresh Irish milk, enriched with extra calcium and vitamin D to help the body absorb the calcium better. Modern Milk also has added fibre (that you can’t see) and in keeping true to milk, it does not contain added colours nor is it too thick or gloopy. At last it’s time to rethink milk!

Ripe strawberry and raspberry flavour milk. A zesty blend of strawberry flavour with a hint of raspberry flavour – ripe with deliciousness. From Ireland, with love. With the help of our cows, let us tempt you to rethink the milk. Enjoy Modern Milk as part of a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle. To find out more about the benefits of drinking milk, or to give your valued opinion please contact us on these details: Lakeland Dairy Sales Ltd, Killeshandra, County Cavan, Ireland. www.modernmilk.co.uk

НЕ пейте, дети, ЭТО молоко – будете здоровы!!!