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November Top 11

November Top 11

As previously announced, November Top 11 is called Missed Tracks Part 1. I guess the title explains itself, because everyone is about to celebrate Old New Year and gets the November’s chart under his evergreen Christmas tree. Honestly I don’t expect a lot of people to wonder about some cool tracks that would have made my month back in 2014. But still a lot of music was released during last quarter of 2014 and of course there’s an 11-bit selection from November. Many would remember that November had been dark and gray – I tried to keep those hues in chart. I also included a bonus track, so this time we’ll have 12 tracks that definitively describe my November in 2014! And as always please lay loud if you really want to listen.

11. MARTINI BROS. – FLASH 2014 (15.11.2014)

Infamous electro-clash act tries to resurrect their image using past glories tool. I would not remember now when Flash was originally released. Surely it was somewhen in the beginning of the century, when the Real New Wave was expanding through Atlantic Ocean. So I give to everyone a chance to recall those ravy memories when every party looked and sounded like a fashion show.

10. BURIAL – LAMBETH (03.11.2014)

Here again we have got a blast from the past. It’s officially known that there’s no new music coming from Burial in the current future, so we have to deal with the stuff we’ve got. Again I don’t wanna dig the Internet and discover the original release date, but this track is still actual for any chill music lover.

09. GREEN VELVET – LA LA LAND (24.11.2014)

The pure icon of techno has put some chapters of his career into one bundle for November and of course I could not miss the chance to add his business card in my chart. I would not describe La La Land as techno – it’s more electro and pop. Junky lyrics featuring catching vibe – that is probably old school raver would need to get himself high on the dancefloor.


I’ve always liked Breakage for his deep dubstep sound. Everytime I see his name I expect some decent wave of cool dubstep wave, but this time he decided to keep the vibe without grime. You just need to listen in order to get the difference between dubstep Breakage and vocal Breakage.

07. MANDY – OBSESSED (24.11.2014)

This one is those who’s still obsessed with house music and believes there’s future underground music. Get Physical tries to stick to the finest traditions of deep and progressive house, and this time it’s not an exception. Get your feet on the shaky floor but don’t try to twerk!

06. SCAR – DANK (24.11.2014)

Drifting between Metalheadz and Dispatch, Scar continues to discover their own sound pattern and this piece is taken from their latest Call It What You Want EP. Obviously the artist has not been self-realized yet and offers the listener to define his material. No review is needed, just check and play back!

05. HUXLEY FEAT FEMME – GIVE 2 U (02.11.2014)

UK GARAGE has been put through dance hall machine and this the result we all can enjoy. Give 2 u is the latest single from Huxley’s debut album came out earlier in October on AUS Music.


This hit is absolutely brilliantly remixed by Irish junior glitch master!!! Do you see such lights in your city? Check and play back again!

03. MOONBEAM FEAT. AVIS VOX – 13TH WORLD (17.11.2014)

This one comes from Russian progressive house master. He added some vocal lines to the tune in order to make the whole track more noticeable. And here’s the result – 3rd spot in the SKREALAND Top 11.


Dutch remix production transforms the original track into more heavyweight bomber, and Delta gets heavily reborn. Absolute darkness killer!


This is the complete celebration of November’s gloom and darkness, original soundtrack to November’s everyday. And AKKORD are awesome both in original and remixed.




After all the delays of original release planned for the early 2014 the debut album by Harlem Starlet was dropped off in early November 2014. Chasing Time is the latest single from it and sounds much more brighter than the whole chart.

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