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Dazed by Numan from Madchester

Dazed by Numan from Madchester

What have you heard about Numan from Madchester? I can tell you that Numan is young and talented dubstep/glitch producer from the city of Manchester who has recently uploaded his track “Dazed” to his Soundcloud account and ask everyone to vocal it. And accidently I was the one who wished to provide a vocal background to this glitchy tune. Numan was waiting for some voice recording but I sent him the lyric for “Dazed” which I would have sung if a chance had been given. Anyway, there are no future plans for Skrealand and Numan further collaboration or any updates for “Dazed” release, but here at Skrealand you can exclusively witness the result of creative process which could have become a true grime anthem.

Numan – Dazed

Intro: cuts from the conversations on the phone

Don’t buy me strawberries because I want you

Sorry, darling, today I don’t speak old English

Light of salvation won’t come from the tunnel

Don’t take the wrong street on your way through the gutter


Macro flash sparkled in the dark

And opened my eyes so wide

That urban beauty couldn’t lurk

No more from the knights of light

I took a walk on the ruined street

Half confused and partially dazed

With local filth and common greed

Bringing this land to waste

Found a pack of crisps on the roadside

And forgot that I’d been hungry

Saw a monument of Oscar Wilde

Surrounded by off-licence shop and laundry

What has the progress done

To faithful people and common sense

Like animals we’re having sex instead of fun

Destroying the slightest shade of chance


The chance to add instead of subtract

The chance to multiply instead of divide

The chance to produce instead of extract

The chance to grow strong instead of subside


What we raise

Is not our children but cereals

When I’m dazed

I’m more concerned and serious

About the way of the world

About my stay in this hole

Would you daze me once more?

Or I shall take the tube and mind the doors…

Written by Skrealand i(nkt)n! for NumanUK from Madchester





When it was sent to Numan, I ask him to feedback the lyric, which I kindly created for his tune. He was very minimal in words and limited in critics, so he just said that it had been a good poem. While Numan finds vocal background for Dazed just a good poem, maybe there will be some other creative people who would be fascinated by the poem and would evaluate it respectfully by adjusting this lyric to their bits of creation. Besides it’s a good chance for non-UK inhabitants to add another artist to his or her glitch/dubstep/grime producer list. It is hard to recognise him on the photo, but Numan declares it’s him.