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October Top 11

October Top 11

Heads down, hoods up. Do you wanna take this walk with me? I am climbing up the unknown street. Heavy rain sounds like tape recorder. Your coffee is always still. I send a text so that you’ve got something to read. Nobody recognises anyone, fashion has died. Play back, rewind. I guess it’s complicated. To love what you are not eligible to love. People do not need friends – they choose pets instead. Do you remember a random anecdote? Would you help yourself, if no one needed your services? A glass of wine doesn’t like champagne. I have to be more iconoclastic.

Think about the day, when you don’t wake up until it’s time to receive presents. What would wear on that day? Could you be happy enough to share your feelings with the ones who came to salute you? Where would you prefer to stay for the night before that day? Should you switch off everything in order to let the bell control your lucid dreams? Who would finally let everyone in? Two sugars per cup. I suppose the dreams don’t crash in the morning. If they did, what would be the point to wake up, ah? Erase your sorrow!

Lady Gaga is back with another compact disc of waitress jingles. American indie rock is so tasteless. UK Garage has never been as mainstream as now. British indie students cannot revive their own glory. German techno trio is enjoying its last year of positive feedback. The Prodigy need to look back but not too far. Call Super is actually quite super. Aussie new wave duo is falling into the abyss of oblivion. R.E.M. are not here anymore. Oasis follow R.E.M. Drum’N’Bass can save the scene.

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