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P. C. 1230

P. C. 1230

The more cities you visit the more persuaded you become about the fact that London is a waste pit! After my visit to Paris I have passed through this geographical and cultural difference and can’t imagine myself thinking of London as anything else but the capital of Great Britain! All capitals are not for their citizens. When Paris is bright and clean, London is dark and dirty. When you are in Paris, you feel friendly – when you are in London, you feel abandoned. London has got more colours, but Paris possesses architecture. With the emphasis on the texture and the art of building – architecture, architecture, architecture! One of strongest points of London in the chain Paris-London is understanding. Paris is more uncomprehending than London.

Paris is done, at least passed. London is crossed out from the dream towns. So, what’s next? Berlin – maybe, Tokyo – no. Coming back to Paris – yes, but when? Going back to London – give me a reason! All the outcasts seem to choose Paris as their home town. Oscar Wilde settled there after his release from imprisonment. Jim Morrison truly escaped to Paris from America. I am not the outcast, nor the outlaw, but escape to Paris seems to me challenging.

I have seen Paris within 72 hour frame. I can’t say it is enough or not and for what. All I know is that you can’t go there without a camera, otherwise your sightseeing will be senseless. I can’t picture myself walking round the buildings, through museums and other cultural places and objects and only looking or staring. Really, iPhones might be helpful, if you don’t have any of dslr cameras. But sooner or later you will start hating your mobile camera or simple digital camera, when it comes to zooming. Here’s what I tried to catch of Paris with my Canon 1100d. This time it comes with no video in HD.