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P U R P L E  K I N G  ( 1 9 5 8  –  2 0 1 6 )

P U R P L E K I N G ( 1 9 5 8 – 2 0 1 6 )

P U R P L E   K I N G


There is no point
In being a king
One day you’ll have to give up on everything

Life was a party
And it’s over now
We have to carry on but we do not know how

It’s purple raining
With tears and pain
The world regrets it’ll never hear him live again

Nor pearls or diamonds
In purple sky
Is there someone who can teach me how to cry

His name was Prince
His life was glitz!
And all we’ve got left is a box of greatest hits

He got through life
By going crazy
And there’s no one who thinks he’s not amazing

His purple music
Will not fade out
The purple king will always be around

Don’t worry, baby!
It’s how it starts
The purple rain will heal all broken hearts


He has died for you
Though you didn’t want him to

And you
Have to live this through
Coz that’s what he would like to do

Note: Purple King is an alternative lyric to PRINCE’s absolute banger “I WOULD DIE 4 U”.