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Really Short Message

Really Short Message

Somebody has to admit that I am systematically struggling to update My Space For You here. And I can openly agree that SKREALAND seems to experience fatal feed errors when a seldom visitor comes around and finds no food for thought. But the actual problem lays beneath the keyboard, of course. Who wants to type, when no one reads? I am not being melancholic or pessimistic, but My Space appears to be very private or personal, which is not always necessary For You. I mean it is like a private dance in the strip club. Who wants to see a Modern Villager doing dodgy strip tease? Exactly, not even a few.

But this is not real problem, because I am still pushing buttons while everybody’s percepting media through different hash-tags. I would not even remember when SKREALAND stopped feeding its Twitter account and my Facebook page regularly. The truth is that surrounding content has become so predictable and so ordinary, that I got fed up with the same headlines and copyrighted feedbacks. And don’t want This Space to reflect it even through twisted mirror, if SKREALAND ever looked like it. The global feed turned into media dung with sponsored ads and suggested posts. Public killing, naked bumps, wall street chaos, oil crisis, shared videos with food selfies. Only hipsters seem to get adapted to this way of the world – just look at their shiny beards! Yes, I also can sound jealous.

And I also can be serious. If you take a look at the picture, chosen to this really short message, the lake is not covered with ice, but SKREALAND has not shared its December 2014 Top 11. This means a lot of music feed is coming plus more articles are in the pipeline. There is no turning back, but there is no way forward as well. So everyone’s drifting in the common flow until one season finishes so that another could start. From Monday to Friday, from teaser to the next episode, from the first French kiss till first appointment with plastic surgeon… I still hope to see you around here!

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