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Register to Vote

Register to Vote

Vote for party. Vote for jobs. Vote for career. Vote for a family. Vote for LED smart television, metallic kitchen appliances, drones, content streaming services and selfie sticks! Vote for NHS, zero calories and stress insurance. Vote for right-to-buy scheme. Vote for home. Vote for best friends. Vote for your football team and your favourite band. Vote for sports casual and Tommy Hilfiger. Vote for the latest phablet on 2 years’ contract with unlimited Internet registered on your parents’ debit card. Vote for fake clothing on High Streets and expensive sandwiches on your lunch. Vote for Apple and paying for everything you attempt to download. Vote for a sale at DFS Sofas and new episode of The Game Of Thrones. Vote for a meal and get fish with crisps every Friday. Vote for continental shifts for immigrants from dodgy countries. Vote for blackout instead of tsunami on your sprogs graduation day. Vote for future. Vote for Conservatives! And vote for Morrissey as your future Prime Minister.

Because why would you want to do a thing like that?

Seriously, don’t vote for fun. Don’t vote for UKIP. Don’t vote for Queen’s sake or fuck’s sake. Also don’t vote for Labour. All their policies are paroled slavery acts. Don’t vote for Lib Dems or Limb Debs. If you don’t want to vote fr any party then do some weekend voluntary work. Voting is donating. When you give your vote to a party, you donate a nail for your casket in the system which operates with political software. Any donation is welcome, but your vote is very important. Because you are the one who will get fuck all from everything that has been promised. For the last 15 or 25 years British political parties have perfectly learned how to keep empty promises and fail to fulfil the Arcadian Dream. But we have got no one else to vote for. So let’s vote for the future – vote for Conservatives!

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