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The 5 Wops

The 5 Wops

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The 5 WOPS.

There are five major 5W phases: they are also known as WAKE, WONDER, WISH, WOBBLE and WIN.

WAKE up to snooze the alarm. Every working day starts with the sound of your alarm. So make sure it is loud enough and pleasant. You will have to travel with sounds through your day, just be prepared to notice them: partner snoring, birds singing, water tapping, kettle boiling, engine running, gossip talking, music streaming, product scanning, coin tossing, channel skipping, shit flushing, life wasting.

WONDER if today is the right day. It is never too late to cancel everything for today, if it is not the right day for you. Just have at least a tiny wonder – maybe today is that Monday or Tuesday when things are just not meant to happen? Every day is different to the previous one, so plan to do the same things differently daily.

WISH it was Friday. Why not? Or keep saying/praying “Nearly Friday…”

WOBBLE to work like a seal. Like a boss. Yeah, you can even wiggle, if you want. Work should be afraid of you. So should everyone else. Have your lunch box full of healthy looking food in your suitcase, hold a bottle of still “Evian” water and make your sporting outfit look like smart dress code is for cleaners.

WIN a reason to start again tomorrow. Time could go by slowly, that is why you might struggle to prioritize things clearly. In a slow motion disorder could look bigger and lack any sense. So you might not be able to find a reason to carry on. In that case the only option is lottery of fate. You just need to pick the winning ticket and restart everything on the next day. But only do so if the ticket suggests any reason for that.

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