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The Sense Of What Good Taste Is

The Sense Of What Good Taste Is

“If you think we need a war, we need a war” – Fischerspooner.

We always try not to start the war or tend to avoid being involved in any kind of conflict. At the same time we don’t realize that there are so many wars around us. Mankind has survived through 2 World Wars, but cannot recognise 2 different wars: war of colours and war of tastes. We think that such things do not require any attention from us. At the end of the day these wars of tastes and colours are natural and everything what happens in nature a is organic and harmonic. But the bad point about these battles is that they are never-ending, which basically wears us out and we seem to stay tolerant to that not recognising the damage done to ourselves.

“As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted people to like what I like” – Tiga.

I think I’m starting feeling exhausted from my false attempts to adjust other tastes and environmentally adapt my sense of what good taste is. Sometime I may look like I might be wrong, but this common doubt, that other person is wrong, is not always right. But through the years I have become sure that music sounds better with me!!! I know that I will never win this war of good and bad tastes, so I’m deciding to become less emotional and less active in promoting my views on what is good and what is bad. Life is full tastes and colours, and everyone is welcome to choose but not to mix bad with good.

“Don’t call me a DJ, because I am not DJ” – RETROBOI.

Background, atmosphere, space… These are my directions, when I select tracks for my Veggie or other mix. And the main thing that it is all for you! I am not skilled in mixing, but I always try to select the finest of tunes. A person who stands behind the decks or sits beyond the laptop is not necessarily a DJ, but always an artist!  He may wear coll sunglasses, have old school headphones, but he will always play something which is groovy and bouncing. The dancefloor has always got spaces for people who are seeking domestic sounds and dead-alive vibes. Ha-ha, sometimes bad taste smells good, and this is when we really need a war!!!

Listen to Veggie Mix series and follow SKREALAND Top 11 selections. Rasta Sucks, world piss is non of your business…

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