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The World After Bowie

The World After Bowie

Like an ordinary Albion citizen, I cannot describe myself as David Bowie fan. And it has been awhile since the world went crazy about him last time. But today I must admit that the whole planet has had to become a fan of David Bowie. The legend has peacefully passed away by succumbing to cancer. Last week saw the release of Bowie’s new album Blackstar and his 69th birthday. And I can’t see any replacement for this extraordinary talent. But myself (joking).

Most youngsters do not care about artists if they are not performing live. The answer to the question “Do you David Bowie?” would be another question “Who is it?” and followed by the second one “Is he on tour?”. Still the army of Bowie fans is very huge, around 45 years big. Sometimes David is recognised by the people he collaborated with, for example, Brian Eno, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. But true icons do not need public recognition. Thus David Bowie was so untouched by fame or glamour and would outshine any of his successors. I simply recommend not to follow his stardust way.

Today many people would struggle to define their favourite David Bowie song. Another David (Guetta) thought it was “Heroes” which he sampled a decade ago and became globally popular since then. According to myself, David Bowie’s finest moment can be described with the song, named “Rebel Rebel”. This hit can shake the planet, it is so catchy and electrifying like The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction”. His other works are also influential, but Rebel Rebel is the world’s vibe according to David Bowie. I personally want to thank him for cultivating glam-rock. His image would be deleted from the planet’s mind. RIP, Dave!

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