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Veggie Mix Part Eight is finally coming out from the tunnel of darkness and going to soundtrack the slow start of 2017. It was entirely compiled back in 2015, but had to waste whole 2016 somewhere in between folders. Going back in my memories of its selective process I cannot recall much of it. When and if you play it, you will realise yourself that Veggie Mix Part Eight sounds slow and dark throughout all of its 113 minutes and 12 seconds. Again it is the proof that veggie life is not always tutti-fruity. Going veggie isn’t taking the easiest path, and so is promoting VEGGIETRONIC.

The eighth part in the VEGGIE MIX series is called The Nocturnal One. Once again the title describes how it actually sounds: dark, slow, foggy, emotional, content. It might also highlight someone’s year that is coming to an end on the release day. None of the Veggie Mixes can be described as the background music. The Nocturnal One is not about 2016, so you don’t have to echo the melodies of it here. Nearly two hours of deep, minimal and soulful house tracks are going to throw you behind the turntables of 2015. Also do not hesitate to lose yourself on the sofa by whamming into the pillows and shaking on the mattress.

You would make no mistake by guessing that there’s Lana Del Rey’s track on the Veggie Mix Part Eight. But the main piece on The Nocturnal One is by Royksopp though mixed by Joris Voorn. You will have to listen the whole mix in order to enjoy the full atmosphere of VEGGIETRONIC concept’s development. Music is getting only darker – it could be felt already in 2015 and you can take a look at 2016 by yourself. But we have to stick to the brighter sides of music, at least make attempts. Stay tuned in 2017!!

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