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Why BBC 6 Music

Why BBC 6 Music

I’ve already been talking about Radio BBC 6 Music, but it feels to me like it still needs some more explanation why BBC 6 Music deserves the air. Someone still thinks that there are only Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4 stations and hasn’t got a clue what Radio 6 sounds like. Some people might question the existence of 6 radio stations under one brand. BBC 6 Music is number one for me among these 6 stations that’s why I stand for it. There are several reasons for my choice and I’ll try to mention a couple of them to make a vivid picture of BBC’s best station and UK station of the year.

First of all let’s not forget that BBC is a kind of national organisation that exists only due to government funding. British citizens and local residents have to pay their TV licences annually. If there is a place for TV in your home than there should be money for this licence in your budget. Obviously BBC gets enough money from their customers that is why it can afford the luxury of 6 independent radio stations. Human logic suggests that we should be using the services we are paying for. Otherwise I require an application for a refund!

Actually being serious, BBC has got range of radio stations so that the majority of customers could choose the best for themselves. Opportunity to choose plays huge role in our social life. When no one cares, someone has to choose. Please do not mix notions “to choose” and “to change”. Choosing non-commercial station which has got a concept of a home for digital radio and plays all actual tunes with a mixture of sounds from cultural legacy and thematic occasions is people’s right not to follow the mainstream which flows to the gutter. Within ten years while being on air BBC 6 Music has reached the audience of nearly 2 million listeners. (source)

It usually starts with early breakfast show served by Shaun Keaveny on every working day followed by the 6 Music Morning Show reigned by magnificent Lauren Laverne. When you normally finish your lunch here come to chaps – Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie with their own programme. When it’s time to finish work, 6 Music is being continued with Steve Lamacq and in the evening you are being welcome by Mark Riley. Normally each show lasts up to 3 hours having its own special sections like Lauren Laverne’s People’s Playlist or Shaun Keaveny’s Believe It Or Not. Every Friday BBC 6 Music launches its own 6 Mix hosted by some famous artist or DJ. And on the weekends the timetable is more lustrous: from Mary Ann Hobbs to Jarvis Cocker! This is not the full list of programmes and people of 6 Music – check this space for more details! So many wonderful broadcasters, so much intelligent music, so many positive vibrations, so much joy for common people!!!

Photo Credits: The Drum Marketing Magazine