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Why we don’t need The Magic Whip from BLUR

Why we don’t need The Magic Whip from BLUR

It is now officially confirmed that BLUR’s new album will be released this Spring. But does the world really need it now? Without a doubt, a lot of people, especially BLUR fans have been waiting for band’s full-time reunion after 12 year break-up, but most of them couldn’t imagine that BLUR would come back fully armoured. The reason I am being sceptical about this BLUR breaking news is that Damon Albarn is involved into many side-projects, which would definitely put an impact on Brit-Pop legends new era. Plus I have to point that the whole reunion hype in the show-biz is not in its high-productive shape.

I don’t have to be the prophet to predict that The Magic Whip, BLUR’s 8th album, would magically whip Damon Albarn & Co to the first spot in the UK album charts. But again it is only because of the market rules, that say if a famous and once successful brand returns to the game it has got a big potential to generate new profits mainly due to its past glories. I am trying to say that even if The Magic Whip hits number one on the first week of release, it won’t prove the album’s content is as good as it’s marketing campaign. It would probably follow the example of Syro success in 2014: even when APHEX TWIN new album was wrong, it still earned its author Grammy Award. Here you would disagree with me and say that I am contradicting myself, but the reason for APHEX TWIN Grammy Award lies in the fact that non of the electronic albums has been so massively popularised and trended like Syro.

If you were following BLUR’s career since they disbanded in 2003, you might have noticed that band’s alias have been linked to various projects. Solo albums by Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon, side-projects like Gorillaz and Mali Music, super group like The Good, The Bad and The Queen, opera like Monkey and Dr Dee. Artists have tried different ways of expression and explored a number of directions to promote themselves. Another reason why I don’t need The Magic Whip from Blur now is clearly geopolitical, because it is not made for me. The new album was recorded in Hong Kong, there is a song inspired by North Korea. Obviously the whole “whip” is strongly orientated for East and I would not be surprised if BLUR’s commercial target is to overcome Samsung or Xiaomi in revenues. BLUR know that they will get huge support in Great Britain and Europe will book them for its biggest festivals. They also don’t care about America, because in the country there is no place for Brit-Pop during rap-r’n’b war. So why not to try The Magic Whip in Honk Kong?

And finally, when BLUR announced their press conference, where were you? Did they mention anything about you? Can you see anything for yourself on the cover of The Magic Whip? Sorry, I can’t read Chinese or Korean. I kind of get used to different types of reunion, when it is mainly for big cash and for the fans – I prefer The Stone Roses comeback to the on of Take That and I would definitely choose The Verve instead of Ace of Base. In BLUR’s case it is because they’ve missed the moment or never had it, but they still wanna do it. If you don’t believe me now, listen to the new song Go Out. Maybe this would somehow stop you from buying The Magic Whip

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