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Appeal to @BBC6Music

Appeal to @BBC6Music

This Monday I had to unplug my working DAB Radio Station, which has constantly been tuned to BBC Radio 6 Music, and connect my iPod Classic to docking station in order to listen to some music. Some co-workers might have thought that their prayers have reached the destination because no one’s shared my passion for 6 Music. But at the same time they might have wondered, why would the truest fan of the indiest radio station has given up on listening to it!? Here’s the brief story.

I’ve always tented to surround myself with finest sounds from around the world. Content and quality of music were of the prime concern. That’s why I can’t stand Piss FM, Heart or XFM, where you have to deal with commercial content distilled with of poppy soapy songs. Basically I don’t listen to radio at home, but at work there’re corporate rules which you have to stick to. We are not living in the USSR where everyone used to be the same, so I disagree that all employees should be made listen to Absolute “Shit”sties! I chose 6 Music as my favourite DAB Radio Station long ago, when they could play James Blake, Friendly, Fires, The Horrors in the mix with Suede, The Stone Roses and Joy Division. BBC Radio 6 Music was pronounced as the home for digital radio and had it own priest Jarvis Cocker with his own Sunday Service. 6 Mix was one of my favourite mix shows on entire BBC Radio with featured DJs such as Tiga, Goldie and other seminal producers. During the time of support campaign of 6 Music radio station has increased their audience and launched their own Music Festival in 2014. But apparently something is going wrong now or I have lost the taste of finest vibes across the DAB.

This week I had to breach corporate rules and plug in the docking station with music from my iPod. My best minion brought it from home in order to be saved  from torture of listening to BBC 6 Music. We all come to work in order to work (although some of us just come to faff around) and music serves the background duty. So I was shocked why and how my minion was gloomy about the choice of radio in Dispatch Area. I would not quote him directly but his big jar of patience was filled up by Tom Ravenscroft’s visit to Latitude Festival preserved with Kelis “Friday Fish Fries” on every day, Thechain.uk and weird animal noise across the DAB. I used to cool him down, explaining that Kelis has got a new album out, but I also got fed up with boring song selection. Even People’s Playlist and Desert Island Disco could not cure our misery at work. So I had to switch off BBC 6 Music and make my appeal to Shaun W Keaveny, Lauren Laverne, Radcliffe and Maconie – the broadcasters that cover our working day.

Dear BBC 6 Music radio presenters,

I definitely don’t mind that Marie Ann Hobbs sound like she’s got cold or is permanently high. At least her music tastes seem to fit your station’s profile. I can see the current problem of 6 Music is that the station lost its own course and started following some trends from outer world. All I can hear now is The Hunger Of The Pine!!! Following the burst of vinyl sales and success of big indie bands the format of the station has been fractured. Now I cannot feel the presence of Pulp, Happy Mondays and The Smiths behind the current hit-singles by Caribou, Morrissey and La Roux. Indie genre has started dominating in the prime time, which contradicts the whole theory of music and industry itself. If station constantly plays indie stuff only, how can the audience stay tolerant to it and new listeners get attracted?! I am not trying to say that I don’t indie cells in my DNA. I adore acts like The Libertines, Razorlight, The Horrors, etc, but heaven doesn’t have to know I’m miserable all the time when I listen to 6 Music!!! I personally don’t want BBC 6 Music to turn into some kind of indie chart station, but this is what’s happening now and that’s why I’m making my appeal to 6 Music management and all the reasonable people who might be related to one of the greatest UK stations.

You all might be surprised, but even in Russia 6 Music is considered as the main UK station. We don’t need to create the cure from the hunger of the pine. All we need is just stop spreading this indie trend across the whole station. Feel the norm, control the volume – that’s it! Youngsters will never turn their ears to 6 Music if Pixies’ Magdalena always serves Kelis’ same Friday Fish Fries. Or maybe BBC 6 Music broadcasters believe that whole country population has transformed into hipsters? I can only remember one glorious moment at 6 Music recently, when 2 afternoon goons played Gesaffelstein track at the end of their show. So energetic, so powerful, perfect finish! Lauren Laverne sounds like every track she plays is so amazing and gorgeous, but it cannot be heard through the speakers. Shaun W Keaveny decided to transform radio booth into the theatre stage and prefers to perform on air instead of presenting. All I’m trying to say or to ask is WHERE HAS THE 6 MUSIC GROOVE GONE???

Honestly, I’ve been you fairest supporter for more than 4 years. I can recall your worst times of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep era, but how sweet were the times of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games reign! Many of 6 Music tracks featured SKREALAND monthly Tops 11. I can only wish the groove to come back and dream to switch 6 Music back on! I just hope you will not be playing SBTRKT’s new “Hottest Record” till the end of 2014, because New Dorp, New York is his biggest failure…

P.S. World Piss is non of our business…