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During this week several people a couple of times have expressed the idea that I’m somehow connected with BBC Radio, particularly with BBC Radio 6 Music. This station is famous for its tagline – building home for digital radio, and it has got it’s on priest Jarvis Cocker with his Sunday Service. On weekdays the most popular and informative show is BBC 6 Morning Show with its glamourous presenter Laurene Laverne. Other shows are also not to bad, but the presenters likely tend to do some some food talking and open laughing, which sometimes if not always annoys and disturbs. At the end of the day, its is radio and it broadcasts.

BBC 6 Music has become my favourite digital radio station since 2010 when I started packing the Body Shop cosmetics. I remember I could catch familiar tunes from Britain’s finest acts like Suede, The Smiths, The Stone Roses on regular basis during the working hours. Additionally BBC 6 Music seemed to me kind of progressive station – Limit To Your Love by James Blake was a prime tune of that era and could make the whole warehouse shiver. Unfortunately, not everybody accepts such format as everyday radio station. Thus I had to fight for the right to have this station on air during the morning shift. Now it seems like history’s repeating. But I don’t wanna to act the same. I’ll leave it for somebody else. NME, Absolute 80s, Planet Rock, Christian Radio, whatever…

So how do I actually relate to BBC Radio 6 Music? Sales person or freelance promoter? My answer is “I wish I was”. I’d rather have my own show on BBC 6 Music, preferably during not the prime time. I’ve various ideas an formats of the show, so who knows. Maybe BBC 6 Music administration would be interested in some foreign broadcasting. Stay tuned to BBC 6 Music whatever people say!