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Best Minions Ever

Best Minions Ever

It’s okay to grow up as long as you don’t grow old… (Pulp – This Is Hardcore 1998).

19 years old & young. This is the age of resurrecting innocence. Basically you’re doing everything for the first time, but actually there are already some many things you’ve done once or tried before, so you just carrying on exploring and enjoying your nineteenity. Yeah, nineteenity, just invented the term for the state of being 19 years young. No one can persuade or teach you when you’re nineteen. That’s why we still have to pass various exams: at school, at colleges, at institutes, at universities, etc. Nineteen is when you realize that innocence is gone even if it was lost long ago.

I hardly can remember myself at 19. It’s 9 years ago, but I can feel the gap of 19 years in between two of me. It’s massive, because the world & myself have changed heavily, although I still like music & poetry. I was above the sea, but not on top the wave. I was a little bit of my own world (and I am still today) looking ahead and being blind at the same time. I don’t say I can see clearly now and I declare I wasn’t stupid when declaring my way of the world! Then I was giving myself to the world, but now I trying to get something from it.

When I look at my best minions ever, I don’t feel they have to as blind as everyone is. They must get & percept at the same time, because without perception it’s only the process that matters. But let’s not forget about the result, the outcome, the end. In the end we all tend to perfection, but most of the times we prefer to take the long or even wrong way to it. Anyway, my minions will remain the best to me & young to themselves.