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Dead, Grey Sunday

Dead, Grey Sunday

Sunday, the 12th of June, was a little bit apocalyptic at the South of England. Warm rain, brought by the stormy wind, was washing up the windows of the houses, located near the seafront. Waves were growing like tomatoes in the glasshouse and trying to reach the restricted living area. It was completely unsafe to walk outside or to move without any vehicle. People were locked at home with turned on radiators and cups of hot tea with sunny lemon. England is very infamous with its weather, but yesterday it was the dead weather. After all, it was dead, grey Sunday.

What makes anything look of feel like dead? Probably grey colour looks more dead than black, doesn’t it? The colder you feel, the closer you are to death. Outer emptiness also produces deadly effect. So, these 3 things can easily bring you to death when you are still alive. And it really happened to the world on dead, grey Sunday! But as I was watching through the window and observing rainy chaos outside my place, I felt like I am not there. The glass of my window was an opportunity not to participate in the weather disorder. And again I realized that some things only seem to be happening.

England is said to be very changing in its weather. And this is not cheap gossip. Monday showed up with a calm sun rise and continued into valley of summer with fresh wind and clear sky. There has been left no trace of dead, grey Sunday. And again I realized that everything is temporary here. What else can be added are changes that occur to change us and what surrounds us. If something were not changing, we would not be noticing it. Changes also help us differ things. And important point is our position: do we stand by the window not participating or do we produce the changes?