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It does not really feel so, but it has been three months since SKREALAND faced its launch. Actually, what are three months? Three months approximately are equal to ninety days. But in terms of SKREALAND three months mean ninety articles or small pieces of text that defined the space as incredible and made it spread across the web. By all means, this achievement that SKREALAND has been floating in the Internet air for three months would not be real without construction and design supervisor. And I should thank Lord who helps me stick to my side and to my target, which in terms of incredible space would mean that SKREALAND is updated every day.

On the 21st of June Vereverie via her Twitter account promoted to discover SKREALAND with a freshly-made banner-wallpaper. It was a nice surprise, so I decided to moderate it just a little bit and unveil it exactly today. I like this piece of art not only because I am partly portrayed on it, but also because it displays the atmosphere of SKREALAND and demonstrates the state of it as undiscovered. I guess it is always fascinating to discover anything. So from today I declare that SKREALAND is discoverable. You could always find something for you there and this would your discovery. And of course, if someone cannot make sense of SKREALAND, it does not mean that another will go his path. The discovery of SKREALAND is an on-going process and can be maintained by various followers or visitors.

It is also very pleasant that the number of visitors somehow has been increasing within these three months, although I have not been presented the latest stats on this subject. But it is all because of you, SKREALAND followers, visitors and sharers, that this space stays incredible and discoverable. So, let’s continue this amazing journey across and beyond the web in SKREALAND’s shape and vision. Together we shall be moving further through!