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Don’t be late for Christmas

Don’t be late for Christmas

I got used to snowy Christmas. Although now it’s only raining or freezing. Who needs raindrops on Christmas Day instead of snowflakes? Yeah, 7th of January is Orthodox Christmas Day and no one has cancelled its celebration! I also remember spending Christmas on holidays. So the year would begin slowly but surely. Today the winds blow so fast that I can’t manage to turn the calendar sheets on time.

So where is Christmas today? I look through the window and can’t notice the traces of lines from the “Silent Night” song. No silence, no holiness, no whiteness. Instead of Christmas I see puddles, dirt and darkness. People could say I’m gloomy, but it’s only appearance. When I look inside, I realize that I’m dark. And I find it alright. Darkness attract more naturally than any glamour or burlesque. Only truth and justice can be attracted by real colours. Well, let’s go back to Christmas. Looks like it has adopted dark colours. People who don’t believe in Christmas will try to stick to bright colours and turn religious holiday into another Black Friday by making it more festive. But real believers will find peace and happiness in dark and grey.

I wish this Christmas was full of drawings on our windows, but I have to wipe drops of rain from them. Probably I’ve wished for a lot or wrong, but in the end I’ve got nothing as always. Still there’s February, so I can hope for my snow to come. But again one hope is not enough. So I’m hoping for more hopes and true wishes in the air. And for energy that will help them all to come true.

Merry Orthodox Christmas to everyone who cares about something holy and sacred while the whole world is moving towards the abyss of chaos. True…