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Every Click is Important

Every Click is Important

What you guys were doing on this day two months ago? Cannot remember? Well, then I shall tell you. Some of you might have been celebrating Cosmonautics’ Day in Russia; some of the rest might be busy with their more or less ordinary lives. And only a few, being previously or accidentally informed, could have noticed or witnessed the launch of completely different space, named Skrealand. See, now you remembered. There was really nothing special about the 11th of October, 2011. It was just nice and proper day for Srealand to burst and spread over the violet hills of the imaginary vacuum.

Once you visited this incredible space, you might have been misinformed with its uniqueness. But like I always like to say, understanding comes with age. Within these two months since the launch of Skrealand you could have noticed several tiny but very important changes in my space for you. Steps of real progress are very small and sometimes slow, otherwise it is false progress or regress. So, if you are still visiting this incredible space and waiting for it to become more attractive and individual, then you are satisfied with your stay in Skrealand. Coming back to anywhere where you are welcomed is so pleasant, isn’t it?

Skrealand is so of its own style and vision that it is hardly to expect the amount of its visitors to increase rapidly in the nearest future. But this does not mean that Skrealand is unnecessary space and will not lead to its collapse. All I want to say now is that the direction is chosen for my space for you and we together will try to follow it. And, please, be sure that your participation is obligatory and useful because every click is important! Your clicking produces vibrations which are good. And our common aim is to catch the mightiest vibe and become the most incredible. Conclusion does not mean an ending. My space for you, good vibrations, and you are incredible!