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F.F. Language switched oFF

F.F. Language switched oFF

Huge waves are fast approaching stony shore. Wind brings cold to the ground. Desert’s at my view, and the traffic’s moving in the wrong way. The birds are helpless to the human cruelty. I’m trying to take some heavy steps, but my attempts are aborted by the box of empty bottles. Homeless junkie is tuning to false station on his domestic radio. Nothing’s there. Distilled urine is being sold from the kiosk at the esplanade. Different sky is on the pavement. Killing puts you into illusion of being mighty. First name of chewing gum was cleansing rubber. Language switched off. F.F.

Log in, log off, log in, log off, log in, log off, log in, log off, log in, log off. Logged in under wrong nickname. Your identity has been misplaced. Change, update, improve, innovate, distil, sort, misfake and create. Fighting for your personality in terms of self-realisation is good promotion for physical education, but it doesn’t necessarily have to end up with boxing. Your fists should always be directed upwards: it’s easy to smash someone’s face or to break somebody’s jaw – so try to break through the sky. When designing the fighting arena, start with the atmosphere of discreet victory. The fighter doesn’t come along and sometimes alone. Call Bruce Lee for help if you’re not certain about your victim or victory. Logged off when the power is over. Dry your pants, dude! Fast forward.

Butterflies are like dead leaves of an early Autumn/They fly randomly but can’t reach the bottom/The nature is not always coherent and complex/While evolving kiss can be degraded by Botox/Skying, Chaosity, Postperception in Futere/No more tags from the labels like Gucci/I climb down the ladder/In search of something sacredly better/… Filth flow.

– What’s on this album? – I guess it’s all about picturing the overseas tastes and displaying wrecked dreams. And, of course, the dinosaurs!