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India Trip Postponed

India Trip Postponed

SPLASH: SKREALAND postpones his trip to India to an undefined date.

SKREALAND’s premier source has revealed that his highly-desired trip to sacred India has been postponed without any other term suggested. The trip was initially planned for February, 2012, but due to logical reasons which have resulted in the unavailable opportunities it has finally been cancelled although had never been officially confirmed before. The main goal of the trip was to visit sacred places of real, Northern India and combine the pilgrimage with recreational procedures ending up in Goa or Kerala. The source also emphasises that the trip is only temporary postponed but not permanently cancelled.

In his online statement SKREALAND comments on the reasons that motivated to review his plans and opportunities of the nearest future. At the moment there is no great chance of going on such tremendous trip in February, when future is more uncertain than slight. The money has not played the leading role in this opera although calculations build up nearly all the arrangements of the trip. Money can be earned, tickets may be booked, flight may be taken, the tour may be done, but the question is: are you really ready for this? Probably yes.

The source suggests that there cannot be any terms of probability in connection with such serious things as pilgrimage or visiting sacred places. Another point is karma. Lord will not slow you down if you are really ready for something. The events come together in a way that you have to make right or false decision when the right one does not necessarily admit your plans or desires. Also you do not need to rush any time you plan something very important to you. Trip to India is not a bus tour across Sigulda thus it needs to be prepared with jeweller’s accuracy and time to get mature. All is good that is being done so do not hesitate. 2012 will show what we are made for, but for 2011 we take what we are being given and deserved.

Scan by Costume, dug out from SKREALAND’s archive.