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Keep Your Dreams Pt. 2

Keep Your Dreams Pt. 2

He dreams of what is not allowed to dream

He thinks strawberry was made for cream

And every day he finds out it’s not that real

And he starts again from the tiniest hill

To climb up the rocky mountains of lust

Betraying common faith and trust

In search of undisclosed passions and illusions

In quest for false causes and conclusions

He steals his mind from the one he sold it to

And he wants your mind to be sold, too

That’s when you start to travel between the realms

That’s when you just have to keep your dreams

Sweet and bitter don’t walk one way

All the tastes are not being discovered in one day

That’s you’re always changing your paths

That’s why there’s always blood on your cuffs

Just keep your dreams whatever it takes

Keep your dreams whenever it brakes

Said Keep youR drEAms even if your heart aches

You shouLd keep your dreAms but Not your fakes