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Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

Yesterday I was planning to interrupt “Keep Your Dreams” series at Skrealand when everyone was obsessed with Steve Jobs final resigning. But then I decided to let his dreams be kept with him and give them some time to come down. Now everyone is remembering Steve Jobs, it is probably one of the most popular hash-tags on Twitter. He was recognised during his life, what is not quiet usual for human legends. Now he will probably be classified as a discoverer or an explorer of something which has to do with information technologies and which has resulted in Apple Inc. As from now, it is fair enough to call Steve Jobs the king of Apple Empire. The king is dead – long live the king!

While we are remembering Steve Jobs, his legend only starts to live on. On and on with the latest products and services from Apple Inc, with blue jeans and black turtleneck, with his autobiography and other appearances in media and, of course, with our thoughts and memories. When we remember Steve Jobs, we normally imagine a tycoon with a Smartphone and a golden plastic card which exceeds the 6-zero number limit. He is often compared with his colleague-contender Bill Gates and is chosen by poor people as a better evil. And of course, Steve Jobs will always be associated with the bitten silver apple, the symbol of empire he created and made flourish during his life.

iPod, iTunes, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iCloud… iWhat next? So iSad.

Remembering Steve Jobs, we once again realize that “money could buy almost anything but anything’s nothing when you’re dead”. Such a wealthy man could not enjoy his presence at Earth and had to succumb to failure of the vital processes in his body. I am sure that the life and death of Steve Jobs will inspire hundreds of human beings. And I hope we will not use the legacy of Steve Jobs in order to make us rich and other poor. The world needs people like Mr Apple, who really changed it. So if you have got an apple, then share it and do not leave it bitten!