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SKREALAND : 4 Months of

SKREALAND : 4 Months of

You can exhale now, easily. Let something come out of your lungs, throat and mouth or nose. If you can exhale then you are able to breathe. Four months are not four seasons, but now you may be sure that this incredible space is breathing. There is life, there is vibe, and there is pulse. Breath is present and breathing is stable. Skrealand possesses idiosyncrasy, I can declare. Everything is on the right way; the spaceship is on the rails, yeah! No rush, no fuss. Together we are doing it incredible. Developing, improving, grooming, idealizing, synchronising, adjusting  – this is not just the set of verbs in the -ing-form I could recall from my vocabulary tests at secondary school. These are main goals of the next period, moment of future of Skrealand.

If someone was really fascinated by the second launch of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes yesterday, then I should remind that it had been also the day when Skrealand turned four months. Four months of thoughts expressed, ideas revealed, news discussed, some issues analyzed, pictures made, opinions shared and many other incredible things done. Right? Or left? Anyway, it is great when you are straight, and Skrealand will be moving forward, floating in space being different space.

I like presents like a child but get them as an aged. It would have been great to have a blueberry cake on any Skrealand’s special date, but yesterday I have had one mixed berry tart with some hot chocolate before the premier show of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes and what had followed after – popcorn and fanta. I felt sick, but I was dressed well, thus, don’t know why, I realized myself right, less smart, more indie. I felt like I am in Skrealand, maybe. Yeah, sounds stupid, but it is true. Feeling like not the part of but inside Skrealand. Wish you were feeling somehow the same all these months and future moments of Skrealand. Stay incredible with and inside Skrealand and one day welcome blueberry cake!