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The Beginners’ Guide To The Stone Roses

The Beginners’ Guide To The Stone Roses

Available for pre-order on the Made Of Stone Documentary release day and will be released just before Christmas. There is lots of other things to mention about this fantastic release. For example, the title for this two-disc compilation is “Pop, Pop, Pop, Blow, Blow Bubble Gum” and it includes all the greatest hits plus some demos and b-sides. Just because it is the beginners’ guide to all the people, who have adored or ignored the greatest surviving band of Great Britain, the compilation tends to cover all the creative sides of the band. Since the reunion with the original line-up after 16 years of sailing apart The Stone Roses have mainly been touring and have just now released the movie that celebrates the resurrection of the UK greatest band. Now, two months before Christmas it is the time for fans to treat themselves in the way they’ve deserved for being waiting so long for four Mancunian chaps to come together again.

Before getting all the live footage sorted and new songs written The Beginners’ Guide to The Stone Roses is just what the world has been waiting for from the band on the run! All the hits are packed together with rare demos and b-sides showcasing all the dark and bright sides of the Manchester finest group. You can support Manchester United FC or Manchester City FC, but you have to like The Stone Roses!!! Some would think who the fuck are The Stone Roses to have their own Beginners’ Guide while they’ve only struggled to release a couple of albums in the previous century. But it needs to be mentioned that their debut album The Stone Roses 1989 has been re-released for 3 times, marking its 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries. The band has also got The Very Best Of 2002 and two b-sides compilations, and pocketful of singles. So now, before the third coming, here “POP, POP, POP, BLOW, BLOW BUBBLE GUM – The Beginners’ Guide To The Stone Roses” should come!

And it’s coming in two months on two discs with more than two and a half hours of finest Indie Dance classics and the most glorious moments of the band you wish it had never existed. What else could I say? I won’t tell you anything but that it doesn’t start with “I Wanna Be Adored” – the band’s permanent gig intro. More liner notes are coming later with physical release. Wow, the track list – nearly have forgotten. Yes, it consists of 36 tracks,,,