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VEREVERIE launched

VEREVERIE launched

When you turn your camera on, what do you feel? When you take a look into the lens, what do you see? When you press the shutter button, how do you feel? When you look at what you have done, how do you see? As a model or as an object standing in front of the camera being operated by the photographer you will not find the correct answers to all these questions. It would be more reasonable to go to http://www.vereverie.com/ and check the just opened web space of VEREVERIE PHOTOGRAPHY. There you will discover not only the answers but also the beauty of VEREVERIE PHOTOGRAPHY, a very-very photography.

The hangar of temporary unreleased photo materials under the server name http://www.vereverie.com/ was originally launched on this Friday, just before the Christmas Eve. But it would more festive to acknowledge the launch of VEREVERIE PHOTOGRAPHY on this beautiful Christmas Sunday. As from now I advise everyone to celebrate the start of VEREVERIE’s private and creative space trip on 25/12/11. We never know where this trip will lead the author to and where we will be at that moment of time but it is our responsibility to join her and support or to leave VEREVERIE behind.

The work of VEREVERIE describes not only the precious moments of the wedding ceremonies being held around Latgale but also takes you to the outskirts of routine and pathos of the everyday life. Try not to define the common hash-tag of VEREVERIE PHOTOGRAPHY because the journey to the depths of authentic creative photographing has just begun. The future makes us move forward to take our seats in its auditorium. And I strongly believe that one comfortable chair in tomorrow’s world is pre-booked and reserved for VEREVERIE. Just give her a camera, a lens, a flash, a battery, an SD card or film with a bottle of still water and let the process begin and not be interrupted!