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Which Do You Prefer?

Which Do You Prefer?

Back in 2005 I wrote some abstracts of thoughts on the topic below. This was a home exercise or an essay for my cousin. Today in 2013, I restored the original text, corrected couple of mistakes and noticed some aspects of me that haven’t changed since then. Only little editing has been done to the article. So, we never change or do we still have to???

Some People Like To Do Only What They Already Do Well. Other People Prefer To Try New Things And Take Risks. Which One Do You Prefer?!

I walk the empty street. It’s an early morning. The rain’d like to start, but the sun doesn’t allow. Shadows of the huge buildings collide into one big shade and frighten homeless cats. And suddenly the street becomes crowded: people float through the empty space, different cars join into big traffic, which sounds like a death-machine, harmful gases mix with fresh air. That’s how the busy day begins! People are dialing familiar numbers, smoke light cigarettes, wear same suits, carry flat cases and smile to themselves. Cars beep in a melody without rhythm, quarrel with traffic signs and traffic lights, move more backwards than forwards, but never stop. The air is so stinky, that the sun close my eyes and the cats disappear. The script is the same, the plot’s a bit different, but the painting of the everyday is made with the similar colours. Usual things are done well. But is there something new, that is unknown and inexperienced?!

Is there an object in this mess, which might be an extra one?! Is there a person in this crowd, who wouldn’t exist and behave like everyone?! Probably. This question is quite global. People live their lives within some tens of years with a narrow variety of months and days. There are only twelve different months and seven different days. Their existence – desires, problems, actions and thoughts – tends to be of one kind. The timetable is so regular, that there is no place for something new. People are doing the same things, performing the same actions. And they’re doing it well. But still there is a smaller amount of people, who seem very odd to the mainstream. They can’t act the same from day to day and they fight the system of ordinary world. They’re trying to look different in their everyday life, wearing weird clothes, behaving in an eccentric way, inventing the eighth day of the week, etc. They’re not running from the experiments and experience like most of the people do today – they’re searching for something sacred, something new, that’ll make their life fabulous and extraordinary. And the good point is that the number of people, who are fed up with the primitive living is extremely growing in the age of destruction and disasters.

Well, it might be good to be together with the majority. But the regularities can’t lead to something new. And we need to change! Because changing looks alive! Still the experience is closely connected with the risk, but I’m ready to take it. I’m risky and I drink delicious champagne instead of rough vodka, both non-alcoholic in my case. And of course I prefer the people like me – strange, but still with limitations. Try new things and take risks! And enjoy yourself!